dinner menu

Small Plates for Sharing

kale salad*+: dinosaur kale, candy stripe beets, roasted autumn squash, mild Bulgarian feta, sherry vinaigrette… 9.5

roasted acorn squash*: organically grown, with farmer’s cheese, sage and extra virgin olive oil… 9

beets and feta*+: ruby red beets, cooked tender and preserved in wine, vinegar, and spice with mild Bulgarian feta, mint, parsley, dill and chive… 9

puy lentil salad*+: red wine braised French lentils, boutique carrots, red onion, celery, chervil, sherry vinaigrette… 8

beans on toast*: braised butter beans, tomato with ale on thick cut brioche with a fried free range egg… 10

pan roasted brussel sprouts and sunchokes+: carmelized and crispy, crushed coriander, bacon, sherry… 11

Atlantic oysters: sustainably harvested, with Yards Love Stout mignonette or spicy house made Mary.. 2 per

Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

meat: prosciutto, mild soppressatta, smoked duck breast, organic chicken liver mousse with shallot agrodolce & crushed pecans, cornichons, caper berries, flatbreads, whole grain mustard… 16

cheese*: Cranberry Creek ‘Silver Linings’ semi-soft goat’s milk, Pennsylvania Noble organic cow’s milk cheddar, house made extra virgin olive oil whipped cheese, honey, apples, cornichons, caperberries, flatbreads, apple chutney and dijon mustard… 16

mixed plate: two choices from each, well garnished… 18

Vegetable Board*+

sweet potato mousse, beets & cocoa nibs, cider braised celery, parsnips & parmesan, cauliflower masala, roasted Kennett Square mushrooms, with bagna cauda & savory grapefruit curd… 14

Burgers (sides for burgers include a pickle and house made salsa-verde new potatoes or Savoie Farms braised greens)

hamburger: bone marrow, salt & pepper, pickled onion, bib lettuce, and anchovy mayonnaise… 12

lamb burger: smoked paprika, cucumber yogurt slaw with capers, shaved onion, purple cabbage, and toasted cumin… 15

veggie burger*: wheat berries, red bean, walnuts, sunflower seeds with onion marmalade & spicy 1,000 island dressing… 11


Lancaster County free range wood-fired chicken: ginger-green curry marinated thighs served with a salad of mustard greens, turnips, carrots with sherry-lime vinaigrette.. 18

Wild, hook & line caught fresh fish: with locally sourced vegetables, ask about our daily preperation … 24 

Gnocchi Parisienne: house made from organic flour and butter with pulled brisket, currants, confit leek, carrot, celery & cabbage topped with house made farmer’s cheese (can be made vegetarian)… 17

Wood-Fired Pizzas:

tomato pie*+: tomato, olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic confit… 10 

margherita*: tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, fresh herbs… 12

porchetta: slow roasted pork, farmer’s cheese, whipped lardo, honey gremolata, red pepper flake… 16

salumeria: tomato, fresh mozzarella, salumi, radicchio, sicilian olives, fresh herbs… 16

romano: tomato, fresh mozzarella, anchovies, capers, red onion, fresh herbs… 15

Sweets ( All sweets are house-made, ice cream provided by Foam Floaterie.)

apple crisp: organic Rome apples, old fashioned oat crumble and house made maple-walnut ice cream … 9

sticky toffee pudding: dates, sherry, caramel, and vanilla ice cream… 9

chocolate bark: almonds and house made chocolate served with pumpkin ginger snap, vanilla, or mint & cocoa nib ice cream… 6

root beer float: vanilla ice cream and Yards root beer… 6 add Art in the Age Root liqour… 12

* Vegetarian, +Can be made Vegan. We use locally-sourced, sustainably farmed, organic ingredients whenever possible.